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4 things you should know about Richard Hensley

Richard Hensley is the chief executive officer of InvestorsBank, Waukesha

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Construction Highlights

A look at work in Wisconsin

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The Buddy system

In a down economy, any job can be seen as worth taking, but for contractors working without a prompt payment safety net, sticking with familiar faces often is preferred to trying new partnerships.

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States struggle for infrastructure financing

The Hoover Dam, one of the world’s great engineering feats, is marred by roads with traffic so jammed along the Nevada-Arizona border that it tells a different story about the political will to maintain 21st century infrastructure.

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What’s on my desk – Michael Finn

Michael Finn has suffered plenty of fools in his 35 years of commercial real estate experience, but get him talking about his two grandchildren, ages 6 and 3, and it’s clear he’s still a big softie at heart.

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