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Contractor keeps buildings performing well

Jaime Hurtado, president of INTEC (Photo by Kevin Harnack)

Performance is key at Milwaukee-based Insulation Technologies Inc., whether in the buildings the company inspects and repairs or in the employees behind the work.

Insulation Technologies, or INTEC, “comes from a view that a home or a building has different components that all work together,” President Jaime Hurtado said.

“We look at how the components are working together to make sure the building is safe, efficient and suitable for people to [live or work in],” he said.

The firm often works with homeowners dealing with issues such as mold, ice damming, drafts or high carbon monoxide levels.

“We can go into any kind of building and approach it systematically and eliminate bypasses – places where heat is escaping,” Hurtado said. “They aren’t easy to see. These are the sources of damaging ice dams or expensive mildew repairs, or dangerous situations.”

Because the company takes an integrated approach to home systems, its employees sometimes find other problems that need correcting. INTEC employees were installing noise mitigating windows on a home near General Mitchell International Airport, for example, when they found dangerously high carbon monoxide levels generated by a water heater on the property.

“We’ve been part of developing a group of people who have that kind of expertise,” Hurtado said of his staff members.

INTEC employs 42 people. Hurtado runs the business with his wife Patrina and his son Juan.

The company’s dedication and drive has won it the respect of former competitor Keith Williams, owner and founder of Building Services and Consultant LLC. When Williams transformed his business to focus more on training and consulting, he said, he began to refer homeowners to his one-time competitor.

“The primary thing about INTEC is that I know Jaime focuses in on quality,” Williams said. “He’s always on the forefront of getting his crews to do the best work possible.”

With each property it works on, INTEC’s crews are testing the performance of building systems consistently, meaning problems get corrected quicker, at lower cost, and the end result is a more energy efficient, sustainable home, Hurtado said.

“We are standing in service of the community and customer,” he said. “We have that as our guide in our interactions and services.”

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