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Keeping accurate books

Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor The estimated cost-at-completion for all projects are then used by the accounting department to produce a work-in-progress schedule.

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Thompson for governor?

Thompson for governor? By Matt Pommer May 13, 2002 Matt Pommer What impact will Ed Thompson have on this year’s gubernatorial election? Published polls show 7 to 10 percent of persons interviewed say that would back Ed Thompson if the ...

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Seniority systems supercede ADA

Seniority systems supercede ADA By John D. Finerty Jr. May 10, 2002 John D. Finerty Jr. Michael Best & Friedrich LLP Most construction industry employers have some form of a seniority system for rank-and-file employees. In fact, if your company ...

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Read these lips …

Mentioned in this Article American Institute of Architects - Wisconsin Chapter Gov. Scott McCallum The White House Wisconsin Counties Association Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor

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'Recognizing our friends'

Mentioned in this Article American Subcontractors Association American Subcontractors Association - Milwaukee Chapter Contact Resources Send an e-mail to the Editor Litigation works best where there

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Higher property taxes

Higher property taxes By Matt Pommer May 6, 2002 Matt Pommer Do you think the property taxes on your home are too high? Just wait. They may be substantially higher in the next few years. Gov. Scott McCallum has proposed ...

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