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Sacrificial lamb

We don't need a crystal ball to tell us what's going to happen to State Rep. Suzanne Jeskewitz's upcoming design/build proposal. It's going to die a slow death in the depths of the state Capitol as design/build proponents and opponents spar over the short

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Constructive Comments

In calling for regional cooperation, Ulice Payne Jr., Miller Brewers' chief operating officer, pointed out that red ink and aging buildings typify conditions at sports and entertainment facilities.

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Be aware of new runoff rules

How will new Department of Natural Resources storm-water regulations affect development projects in Wisconsin? The new requirements and their impact on development appear to be modest but will vary depending on the project. The main focus of the rules is

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Snow's remarks misguided

Dick Snow's column of Jan. 24 that dismisses cost as a consideration in rebuilding the Marquette Interchange is a perfect example of the goofy and irresponsible thinking that put the state's budget and transportation funds in a crisis.

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Who pays for the cure?

Who pays for the cure? By Donald Croysdale Jan. 28. 2003 Donald Croysdale Executive Director ASA of Greater Milwaukee "Somebody else." At least that seems to be the policy du jour. This column could be about health care, and maybe ...

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State worker raises

State worker raises By Matt Pommer Jan. 27, 2003 Matt Pommer This year’s saga over unionized state employee pay raises has enough subplots to qualify for a soap opera. Players in the drama include 15 unions representing more than 31,000 ...

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