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EPA revises air-pollution rules

Washington - The Bush administration on Wednesday exempted thousands of older power plants, refineries and factories from having to install costly clean air controls when they modernize with new equipment that improves efficiency but increases pollution.

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HeartLove Place

Golf outings are typically thought of as diversions, as not much more than breaks from the daily grind and chances to swing a club with friends in the sunshine.

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Piping up

Bill Hite, United Association assistant general president, cuts a length of pipe to dedicate the new Union Hall and Training Center for the Fox River Valley U.A. Local 400 of Plumbers and Steamfitters on Saturday.

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Supply, demand and prices

One economic truism goes like this: If you decrease the price, you get more; if you increase the price, you get less. The relationships between supply, demand and prices is quite simple in a relatively free market. Supply will equal demand over a reasonab

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