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Streetcar rendering from themilwaukeestreetcar.com

Streetcar rendering from themilwaukeestreetcar.com

Streetcar rendering from themilwaukeestreetcar.com

Streetcar rendering from themilwaukeestreetcar.com

Streetcar rendering from themilwaukeestreetcar.com

Streetcar Stories

Milwaukee council approves $124M streetcar

The Milwaukee City Council has approved a controversial $124 million streetcar connecting downtown and the lower east side.

Milwaukee business leaders supporting streetcar proposal

Local business leaders are coming forward in support of a proposed $124 million downtown Milwaukee streetcar project.

Milwaukee alderman offers streetcar alternatives (UPDATE) 

Train group pushes B-Line for Milwaukee 

Milwaukee council hops on streetcar project 

Milwaukee streetcar debate ramps up 

Milwaukee mayor renews push for streetcar project 

PSC rules utilities don’t have to move lines for streetcar 

PSC sides with utilities in streetcar dispute (UPDATE) 

Milwaukee aldermen seek alternative to We Energies 

While Milwaukee designs, Cincy stalls streetcar project 

Ahead of vote, 2 PSC members say Milwaukee streetcar a public works project

Proposed Milwaukee streetcar project won’t be going to referendum

Alderman plans resolution to halt Milwaukee streetcar

Milwaukee might tweak streetcar route

West Allis opposes Milwaukee streetcar project

Milwaukee alderman urges mayor (for 3rd time) to scrap streetcar

Letter to the editor: Say no to streetcar

Editorial cartoon

Milwaukee streetcar project still on a roll (UPDATE)

Editorial cartoon

Milwaukee alderman pushes streetcar rent for utilities

Alderman urges pause on Milwaukee streetcar project

Streetcar opponents keep up the fight

Lawmaker wants Milwaukee to pay to move utilities in way of streetcar

Milwaukee streetcar running on schedule

ATC: Streetcar plan will force utility to move line infrastructure

Streetcar elicits strong emotions

Streetcar scoots through Milwaukee council vote (UPDATE)

Milwaukee streetcar desire debated

Milwaukee Alderman opposes streetcar

Milwaukee approves downtown streetcar planning (VIDEO)

Milwaukee rolls out streetcar plan (VIDEO)

Milwaukee losing bang for streetcar bucks

Streetcar project budget challenges Milwaukee planners

City’s streetcar desire prompts utility projects




GRAIN EXCHANGE: Milwaukee Alderman Robert Bauman calls PSC letter on streetcar partisan politics

The city of Milwaukee could be forced to pay millions of dollars for utility work related to a planned downtown streetcar project.

GRAIN EXCHANGE: Detroit People Mover offers cautionary tale for planned Milwaukee streetcar

Advocates of the $64.6-million, 2.1-mile streetcar project often defend the transit line by pointing out Milwaukee is an anomaly among big cities without some type of rail system available to residents and visitors.

HOT TOPICS: Local rail focus a streetcar to nowhere

HOT TOPICS: A streetcar is a name I desire

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