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State budget holds plenty for construction industry

John Schulze

The comparison of lawmaking to sausage making is usually unfair… to the butcher. With Republicans controlling the governor’s office and both legislative houses, the 2017-2019 Wisconsin state budget was expected to be approved quickly. However, the governor, Senate Republicans, and ...

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WisDOT advertises first set of prevailing wage-free highway projects

For the first time since lawmakers repealed Wisconsin’s remaining prevailing-wage laws, WisDOT is advertising projects that will have no minimum requirements for workers’ pay. But since most state projects receive some federal money and come under Davis-Bacon prevailing wages, at ...

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Despite project withdrawals, contractors to cash in big on WisDOT’s August letting

Even though lawmakers' delay in passing a new state budget caused a handful of projects to be withdrawn from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's August letting schedule, bids opened on Tuesday show there are plenty of big-ticket jobs to be awarded.

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