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July 24, 2000 Project: Upgrade wastewater treatment facility, Howards Grove, Sheboygan County Owner: Howards Grove Village Hall, 1301 Millersville Ave., Howards Grove, WI 53083; 920-565-3511

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Contact: Lois Bitter, president Engineer:Donohue & Associates Inc., 4343 S. Taylor Drive, Sheboygan, WI 53081; 920-208-0296 Notes: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is reviewing the engineerís facilities plan. It is anticipated that a Clean Water Fund loan will be used to finance the project. Scope: Improvements are required to the plant to meet new Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Natural Resources standards, including cleaner discharge from the plant into the Pigeon River and increased capacity. The project consists of rehabilitation and replacement of various treatment units at the existing wastewater treatment plant over 10 years. The estimated cost of the work for 2001 is $2.1 million.

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