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Plover (AP) – A popular central Wisconsin outdoor water park will not reopen  next summer as the owners plan to redevelop the land into shops, restaurants and  two automobile malls.

Much of the equipment at Rainbow Falls amusement park  already was sold, said Rolly Lokre of Lokre Development in Wausau, which owns  the attraction of water slides, wave pool, go-cart track and miniature golf course.

In  early February, the Plover Village Board approved the redevelopment plan, but  Lokre said it wasn’t immediately known whether the park would reopen this summer.

He  confirmed the closing Wednesday after all the redevelopment agreements were signed  with the village.

Rainbow Falls opened in June 1988, providing central Wisconsin  with an alternative to the larger Wisconsin Dells water parks about 70 miles south.  The site once included a retail mall that was torn down several years ago.

Attendance  at Rainbow Falls had been falling while insurance costs have skyrocketed, Lokre  said.

The new development will feature the auto dealerships on 10 acres  of land, retailers within an 88,000-square-foot strip mall, restaurants and possibly  other amenities, Lokre said.

The redevelopment plan also includes a bike  path and a covered area for a farmers market, he said.

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  1. Instead of adding on to the water park with exciting new stuff, (Would cover the eye sore mall rubble referenced to the park) this lame community would rather have nothing to do for any age but drink alcohol. Also, add more one way streets to the other 80, more banks, car lots, and more of the same 5 typical places to eat (Arbys, Taco bell, Culvers, McDonald’s, Subway) at every exit. More hotel’s for a city with nothing to do basically, more bars, no real mall in a college town…. I could go on forever about how bad this area (Plover, Whiting, Point) has become compared to 15 years ago even. How exciting a farmer’s market, quilt store, a high class KOHLS store for your average looking lounge clothing… All of which among other new amenities will be short lived sooner then later. Appleton is a great example of what this current day boring dump of excitement should model itself toward. Funny this place used to have a water park, batting cages, arcade/pool hall, an average mall is better then no mall, amazing coverage of UWSP/ Spash/ local sports coverage… Banks, Car lots, plain common fast food places, Hotels have always been just there like a trees in any city. Even the hugely promoted drink booze this area pedals like a drug dealer is failing significantly compared to 5 years ago only. A visitor info center is a fantastic way of wasting money for something this city no longer needs. Other then the great new amenitys claimed, it’s pretty hard not to find the college and sentry insurance with out a useless visitor center. Those two are all that saves this once neat area from being flushed all the way down the toilet. P.S. my grammar effort was a new amenity of this city’s new reflection..

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