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Feds send millions to state

The omnibus federal spending bill President  Bush signed last week guarantees millions of dollars for numerous projects, according  to the state Department of Transportation.

Wisconsin airports are slated  to receive $12.5 million for projects in Kenosha ($1 million), La Crosse ($1.5  million), Madison ($1.5 million), Merrill ($1 million), Osceola ($2 million),  Rice Lake ($2 million) and Waukesha ($3 million).

The federal package provides  a total of nearly $42.7 million for a variety of highway and bridge projects throughout  the state, including:

  • $10 million for the Marquette Interchange project  in Milwaukee

  • $1 million for the Claude Allouez Bridge in De  Pere
  • $1 million for the East Washington Avenue project in Madison  
  • $4 million for the Interstate 39 corridor in Wausau
  •  $3.8 million for Highway 32in Kenosha
  • $2 million for Highway  77 in Washburn County
  • $2 million for Highway 29 in Hatley
  •  $2 million for Highway 151 from Dickeyville to Belmont
  • $2 million  for Highway 53 in Eau Claire
  • $2 million for Highway 2 in Ashland  County
  • $1.5 million for Beaser Avenue in Ashland
  •  $2 million for pedestrian improvements in Ashland
  • $1.6 million  for 11th Avenue East in Ashland
  • $2 million for Highway J in  Portage County
  • $2 million for Seymour Cray Boulevard in Chippewa  Falls

The state is also in line to receive $1 million to enhance transportation  security, according to WisDOT. The spending package also includes $2.6 million  to continue to upgrade elevation-surveying equipment with new GPS technology.

UDC  to take effect

As of Jan. 1, under the new Home Safety Act, builders or  prospective new homeowners of one- and two-family dwellings must obtain a Wisconsin  Uniform Building Permit before construction from the municipality, county or state-contracted  inspection agency that is enforcing the Uniform Dwelling Code, a statewide building  code for new, added-to and remodeled one- and two-family dwellings built since  June 1, 1980.

 ”Gov. Jim Doyle signed the Home Safety Act in 2003  to extend UDC protection and safeguards across Wisconsin,” said Department  of Commerce Secretary Cory L. Nettles.  “Local municipalities and counties  can provide information about permit, plan review and inspection requirements  under the new law.”

Prior to passage of the Home Safety Act, municipalities  with fewer than 2,500 residents or less population could decide whether or not  to provide enforcement services for the UDC. 

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