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Strange vibrations rattle Green Bay couple

The buzzing and vibrations kept Leona Ehrfurth up all night Tuesday.
They remind her, she said, of an idling semi truck with a mechanical type of engine sound accompanied by a tremor. It comes up from the floor of Leona and Bob Ehrfurth’s Green Bay home, into their bed and through their pillows.
Bob Ehrfurth said it’s like trying to sleep with his head on the hood of a car.
The city of Green Bay spent more than a year searching for the cause of the noise and rattle, but it remains a mystery.
“There has to be an answer somewhere,” Bob Ehrfurth said. “It isn’t coming for no reason at all.”
Tom Lesperance, former city superintendent of inspections, said he visited the Ehrfurth’s home dozens of times between February and September last year before he gave up. He had the water and sewer pipes beneath the house checked.
He also had Wisconsin Public Service Corp. come in and turn off the power to the house, but the buzz persisted. He walked around the neighborhood with a sound meter to see how much noise is coming from Green Bay Drop Forge’s hammer, which is two miles away, and from the nearby Schreiber Foods Inc. facility.
“I have not detected anything,” Lesperance said. “I even went over there at various points of the day and times in the day.”
The Ehrfurths visited the mayor’s office to make their case, and they call police and city inspectors when the vibration is loudest so they can witness the mystery firsthand. Bob Ehrfurth said he and his wife are met with skepticism at every turn, and the buzz, like a strange rumble in a car, has a habit of settling down when the inspectors come around to check it out.
“One time we got him (Lesperance) out here at 3:30 in the morning,” he said. “It’s always there. Sometimes it’s worse than others, but it’s always present.”
Bob Ehrfurth said he’s on a fixed income and can’t afford the $2,000 to hire a consultant to check things out, and he’s relying on the city to help out.
Moving out isn’t an option: Who, he wondered, wants to live in a house that vibrates?
“I’ve lived here for 41 years, and this is only the first year that it’s happened” Bob Ehrfurth said. “I’ve been paying my taxes for 41 years.”
But the Ehrfurths, who are in their mid-70s, found a champion in Green Bay Alderman Andy Nicholson. Both he and his wife, Eileen, visited the Ehrfurth’s house at 2048 Mary Queen Road, and he said they heard the buzz and felt the vibrations loud and clear.
“We just can’t find the source,” Andy Nicholson said. “I want to find the source and stop it because the health of this elderly couple is going south. They’ve been exposed to constant vibration for over a year, and it has an impact on their health.”
The noise started around October 2006, Leona Ehrfurth said, right around the time St. Bernard Parish across the street completed a renovation project. Bob Ehrfurth said he thinks the sound is coming from either the church or the Schreiber cheese factory.
Lesperance went to the parish and asked it to turn off all of its new mechanical systems, but the noise persisted.
“I think it is something that they sense themselves,” he said. “Possibly they’re sensing their own biological functions, i.e. their heart, because it’s so quiet (inside the house).”
Eileen Nicholson said she’s calling all the vibration and audio experts she can find, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but nobody’s willing to investigate the case pro bono.
“We suspect that since they’re feeling the vibration through their whole house, that it is a ground-borne source,” she said.
City inspectors gave up the hunt in September, but Andy Nicholson said he doesn’t want to abandon the Ehrfurths. He got the City Council on Jan. 15 to approve looking into the situation, and the city’s Protection and Welfare Committee was to discuss it on Wednesday night.
“I’ll ask them if any of them have ideas,” he said. “It’s very frustrating because I want to solve this problem and help those people, and I’m coming up short.”
Speaking on the phone from her kitchen table with tremors coming up through her feet, Leona Ehrfurth said she remembered when the house seemed silent after her four children grew up and moved out.
“I used to sit around here and say, ‘It’s so dang quiet, it’s like a graveyard,’” she said. “Well, be careful what you wish for.”


  1. That’s funny. I live on the west side of Green Bay, near the Stadium, and I have the same problem. The vibrations seem to have started this past fall. There doses’t seem to be any noise just a vibration that seems to come and go. Would really love to hear what this is

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