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Staircase moves again at ground zero

New York (AP) — The “survivors’ staircase” that served as an escape route for people fleeing the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, found a permanent home at ground zero Thursday.
The 57-ton staircase was moved by crane across the trade center site to the future entrance of a museum commemorating the 2001 terrorist attacks.
The stairs were moved from their original spot at the trade center site in March after construction crews chipped away at the concrete foundation and replaced it with metal supports. Another leg of the journey was completed in July.
The 37 stairs stood for years as the last remaining aboveground remnant of the original trade center complex.
Preservationists — and survivors who used the staircase to get quickly from the trade center complex to the street below on Sept. 11 — had battled to see it preserved in some way. One group put it on a list of the nation’s most endangered historic places.
Eventually, the stairs will be part of the entrance pavilion to the underground museum, expected to open in 2012. Visitors won’t be able to use the stairs but will see them as they descend a parallel stairway from street level into the museum.

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