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Edgwater to get second vote on Tuesday

By Sean Ryan

The Madison Common Council will take a second look at the Edgewater Hotel project beginning at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Alderman Michael Schumacher requested the council take a second look at overturning the city Landmarks Commission decision not to approve the project.

Twelve members of the Common Council on Dec. 16 voted to overturn the commission, which is two short of the count needed to change the decision. Schumacher is one of three council members who missed the meeting.

Brookfield-based Hammes Co. is the developer of the project.

Schumacher said he realizes there is still disagreement over whether the $93 million redevelopment project fits into the surrounding neighborhood.

However, he said, compromise can be reached to alleviate those concerns and realize the job-creation benefits of the construction project and long-lasting advantage of having a high-end hotel downtown.

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  1. The Hammes Co. has apparently been overstating the size of the project and the number of construction jobs it will create.

    According to the city’s November 10 Summary of the TIF application, the total project cost including land is $77 million not $93 million. Of that, only $48 million is for demo and construction.

    $48 million is nothing to sneeze at, but it ain’t $93 million.

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    TIF summary is here:

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