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Prevailing wage a losing proposition

To the editor:

As a general contractor in the state of Wisconsin, I can’t imagine anyone supporting the prevailing wage requirements other than union labor forces.

Having bid on private and public projects, I can confirm that a project does, in fact, increase in cost by 20 to 30 percent where prevailing wage is required, and the idea that a project not paying prevailing wage is any less in quality is a real slap in the face to the millions of nonunion craftsmen.

Just think of the number of projects that could be included in the coming years by using the 20 to 30 percent savings. I don’t believe the average taxpayers even realize how this system wastes their money.
It really is a double-up on our taxes. First we are taxed to create funds for the state and federal levels to hand out for projects, then those projects cost more, but the federal and state wage tax income goes up.

Do we ever see any relief back because of this? Of course not.

Marla Allen
Micoley & Co. Real Estate, WM Development LLC

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