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Easier unionization strips workers of privacy

Long Island, NY – Now is the time for Congress to stand firm on the Employee Free Choice Act. With the economy continuing on a downward spiral and pension costs out of control, support for the EFCA would only be another nail in the coffin of the hardworking taxpayer.

The EFCA is an outrageous piece of legislation that could do away with free choice by eliminating a worker’s right to a secret ballot. Union leaders would be free to coerce workers into signing up for unions. This is the most anti-democratic, un-American union legislation in more than 100 years.

Traditionally, unions are formed using a secret ballot. Workers vote for or against unionization in a federally supervised, private-ballot election. The EFCA would allow the government to ratify a union if more than 50 percent of workers sign a card, rather than vote by secret ballot. It also would impose mandatory and binding arbitration by the National Labor Relations Board if an agreement between employers and union organizers cannot be reached.

Supporters argue the EFCA would make it easier for workers to join unions. But it provides anything but free choice. A secret ballot gives workers the option to vote against union bosses without feeling intimidated or fearing retribution.

Increased unionization will not strengthen our economy or the middle class. It will only increase the power of union bosses and bring us back to the Tammany Hall-like politics of generations ago.

Organized labor has been on the decline as workers become more educated and specialized. This legislation is a reward for union bosses who have filled political coffers for decades.

The EFCA is just another example of unnecessary government infiltration in our everyday lives. Union membership should be a choice for workers and employers. What happens when small business owners go broke because they need to hire labor attorneys to negotiate between workers and their new unions?  Is this really more democratic? If you change the way unions organize, you change the way work is done and the way conflicts are resolved.

It is time for Congress to do some serious soul searching and reject the devil that is the EFCA. Given the current state of our economy, we can’t afford the bargaining costs and businesses can’t afford to be at the beck and call of union leaders who are trying to rewrite the rules.

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