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To the ‘dream-chasers:’ There’s enough to go around

To the editor:

In response to the May 4 article, “Bid bill offers disabled vets project preference,” it is insulting to the aspiring veterans and minority business owners who have helped to exceed the state minority participation goals through bidding and using their business acumen to win state contracts to have to consider advice from dream-chasers like Prism Technical Management and Marketing Services LLC and the vice president of  urban affairs for the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce. They don’t seem to have a clue, except to say that minorities need other training programs.

Randy Crump of Prism Technical Management is a dream-chaser who doesn’t recognize the irony in this. To me this says something is seriously wrong.  Being a minority makes us all disabled vets. A wealth pie can be shared many ways. The MMAC must understand the free enterprise system must work for all businesses, and the paternalism is fading away.

The women-, other minority- and veteran-owned businesses only add to the process. The veterans have given their lives in support of this country and our state. They should be given every opportunity to compete and share in the distribution of state dollars. As a minority business owner, I truly understand the sharing of the pie.

I offer my humble support to state Rep. Gary Sherman, D-Port Wing, for listening to his veteran constituents and sharing their concerns. I hope the full Legislature will review the bill with a favorable outcome. There should be no backlash because dollars are continuously being circulated in our state.

Dester Martin
founding officer,
African American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milwaukee

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