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UWM’s Wauwatosa campus draws lukewarm response from staff (4:20 p.m. 5/14/09)

A survey of University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faculty released Thursday reveals negative opinions about the plan to build an engineering campus in Wauwatosa.

The survey (PDF), requested by the UWM Faculty Senate, sought feedback on large projects in the campus’ long-range master plan, including the proposed UWM School of Freshwater Sciences and the proposed 89-acre College of Engineering research campus in Wauwatosa.

The survey polled 298 members of UWM’s staff, 16 of whom work in the College of Engineering and Applied Science. The majority of the responses were neutral category, but faculty responded most negatively to questions regarding the proposed campus in Wauwatosa.

More than 28 percent said the Wauwatosa campus would negatively affect research, 43 percent said commuting to the remote campus would be difficult, and 39 percent said education for graduate students would be hurt if the engineering college is split between two campuses.

The negative feedback stems from faculty still carrying negative feelings over earlier plans to relocate all or most of the engineering college staff to Wauwatosa, said Alan Horowitz, UWM professor and chairman of the university committee overseeing long-range planning for engineering and natural sciences. The university now intends to only move research staff to the Wauwatosa campus, he said.

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