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Power plant company expects 500 workers (10:28 a.m. 6/11/09)

Spiritwood, N.D. (AP) — After a tough winter and a mud-filled spring, Great River Energy is trying to make up for lost time in building its $276 million power plant.

Construction site manager Dennis Pozarnsky said 300 workers were on the site Monday, about 10 miles east of Jamestown, and about 20 a day are being added until the number reaches 500.

“By winter, we have to be enclosed,” he said, then joked, “and winter could happen any day now.”

Spring flooding left mud about 3 feet deep and made the site dangerous for workers and equipment. It was shut down for a couple of weeks in April and early May for safety reasons.

“We did a lot of site work on the drainage,” Pozarnsky said. “For two, three weeks, it was very unsafe on the site.”

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