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Contractor registration rule being refined, rebuked (2:05 p.m. 7/21/09)

Paul Snyder

State Rep. Roger Roth says a bill to repeal the Wisconsin Department of Commerce’s contractor registration rule will not pass this session, but he will try anyway.

The Appleton Republican said he at least wants to give contractors and building groups a chance for a public hearing on the rule, which many have opposed.

The Commerce rule, enacted March 2, requires contractors pay $100 to register with the department’s Division of Safety and Buildings if their work is regulated under any state codes affecting public and commercial buildings, one- and two-family dwellings, and public swimming pools. Registration lasts four years.

Meanwhile, Commerce is working on matching its rule to what recently passed in the state budget.
The 2009-11 Wisconsin budget also gives Commerce forfeiture authority, or the right to administer fines to contractors not in compliance with state codes.

Since Commerce’s original contractor registration rule expires this week because of a 150-day emergency rule time limit, the Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules will vote Wednesday to extend it another 60 days.

Robert DuPont, director of Commerce’s Bureau of Program Development, said a permanent rule will be decided by Oct. 1.

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