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Commentary: Technology provides the edge everyone is seeking

By: Rick Benedict//September 11, 2009//

Commentary: Technology provides the edge everyone is seeking

By: Rick Benedict//September 11, 2009//

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Martin Willoughby
Dolan Media Newswires

Jackson, MS – In business, we are all looking for that competitive edge. Like the gazelle racing to stay one step ahead of the cheetah on the plains of Africa, a company needs to stay one step ahead of its competition to avoid being another casualty in the marketplace. There are many ways companies seek to accomplish this including research and development, employee training and strategic planning. In addition, many companies use advanced technology to gain that needed edge.

Bryan Hawkins has embraced a strategy of leveraging technology that has led to outstanding results for his company, Hawkeye Industries. Hawkins, a former military helicopter pilot, formed his company in 1995, with a vision for utilizing the latest technology to be a leading contract sheet metal fabricator. From its humble beginnings, the company now has 59,000 square feet of manufacturing space, is ISO certified, and accredited with OSHA’s SHARP program.

Hawkins points to his commitment to using the latest technology as a key reason to the success of the company. “I have always committed our company to maintaining the latest technology in the plant,”  he said.

This commitment lets him focus on maintaining a high level of quality and maximizing production capacity.

He implements this strategy by cycling out equipment when it reaches six to 10 years of age and reinvesting in the newest  advanced equipment.  The company’s technological edge has allowed it to stay out in front of the competition and to provide its customers with the ability to produce high quality and specialized products in customized volume levels. Because of its reputation in the industry, the company does not have a sales force but relies on repeat business from satisfied customers, referrals and positive word of mouth from steel industry salespeople.

Hawkins’ commitment to technology innovation is instructive on a best practice for success. In a global marketplace, the ability to maximize your efficiency through technology is critical.  It is worth noting that many companies acquire technology but fail to fully use it to bring the desired results. Savvy entrepreneurs can help keep their companies one step ahead of the pack through the purposeful and strategic use of innovative technology.

Martin Willoughby is a business lawyer in Jackson, Miss.


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