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Voters refuse Prescott school addition referendum

Prescott Intermediate School’s referendum was defeated Tuesday as 888 voters said “no” to a single question referendum on the ballot vs. 683 “yes” votes.

The referendum sought permission to issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $8,900,000 for the purpose of paying the cost of constructing and equipping an intermediate school addition to the high school for grades 4 and 5, including site improvements. The school would have added six classrooms for each grade had the referendum been approved.

HSR Associates Inc., Milwaukee, was the architect for the project.


  1. Don’t you voters realize that this could have ‘created or saved’ over 3000 jobs?

  2. Doesn’t Shirley up here realize that this would burden tax payers in a failing economy! Why is there a need for all of this excessive additions with decreased class sizes?

  3. Laura……”Shirley Yujest”….(surely you jest) it’s tounge in cheek, you know…sarcasm. I’m with you 100%

  4. Thank you Voters of Prescott for making the “right” decision!

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