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WisDOT adds liquidated damages to Zoo Interchange contract

The state on Friday updated the specifications for the Zoo Interchange emergency bridge repair to include a $10,000 per-day penalty if the job is not done by May 24.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation sent out a request for proposals for an emergency contract on Thursday. The aging bridges pass above other segments of the highway, and if they are not replaced soon there is a risk that concrete will start falling off the bridges onto the traffic below.

Another modification to the bid rules states contractors are limited to three weekend lane closures, one closure for each bridge, on the contract. It will let contractors close down highway shoulders and close lanes between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. during the project without any penalties.

After analyzing proposals to patch up or reinforce the existing bridges, the department opted instead to completely replace the three structures. The department estimates it will take 16 weeks per bridge for the construction work.

The state will select contractors based on cost, project schedule, ability to minimize traffic closures and the composition of the project labor force.


— Sean Ryan


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