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Panel approves higher electric, gas rates (5:53 p.m. 11/24/09)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State regulators have approved higher electric and natural gas rates for Wisconsin Power & Light customers.

The Public Service Commission approved a $60 million increase in electric rates. That will translate to about $6.10 more a month for the typical residential customer.

The commission also raised WP&L’s gas rates by about $5.5 million. That will mean another $1.50 per month for customers.

The PSC says the utility’s Bent Tree wind farm project in Minnesota, other construction projects and sales drops related to the recession drove the increases. PSC commissioners said they balanced the utility’s needs and customers working through hard times.

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  1. Why not just be honest…this is ALL a result of “going green”. We’ve all been cutting back on energy use through various means, more efficient light bulbs, appliances, etc. and this is our reward for conserving. They on the other hand are not operating at anywhere near the same level of frugality, as they dump excessive amounts of money an over-priced and inefficient windmills, and solar panels, and the expensive infrastructure that goes with that.
    Must be nice, when your sales go down, that you can simply increase your prices to consumers, and they’re forced to pay it. Hey WP&L…how many ‘furlough’ days have your employees had to take? How many employees have you laid off during this recession? What’ya bet…none.

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