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Madison, Hammes leaders to meet again Tuesday about Edgewater

By Paul Snyder

Leadership from the Madison’s Common Council and Brookfield-based Hammes Co. did not reach a final decision Wednesday on a revote for the estimated $93 million redevelopment of the Edgewater Hotel.

Common Council President Tim Bruer said that although the discussion was productive, both parties will wait until Tuesday to decide whether to pursue a revote.

The city’s Landmarks Commission earlier this month denied a certificate of appropriateness to Hammes’ redevelopment proposal. The developer then appealed the decision to the Common Council, but the council failed by two votes to get the 14 necessary to overturn the commission’s decision. Three council members were absent from the meeting, one of whom, Alderman Michael Schumacher, said he would request a revote and support overturning the commission’s decision.

The council’s next meeting is Jan. 5, and if a revote is requested they are expected to decide on that date.

However, Schumacher said he will only request a revote if he knows the votes are there to put the project back on track.

The two other council members missing from the Dec. 15 meeting — Thuy Pham-Remmele and Judy Compton — both said Wednesday they were not yet decided if they would support reviving the project. Both alderwomen said the project could provide a major boost to the city and that Madison needs to be less oppressive toward proposals, but neither said that was enough to guarantee their support.

Bruer said city leadership will take the next few days to assess whether votes are in place to advance the project, and Hammes will make sure its financing opportunities have not been stymied by the delays.

“We’ll find out Tuesday,” he said, “whether the project can survive or if it’s dead on arrival.”

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