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DNR approves Rosendale Dairy expansion

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on Friday approved Rosendale Dairy LLC’s request to modify its water protection permit to allow it to expand to 8,000 cows and to increase to 12,000 acres the land used to spread manure.

The modified permit contains the most restrictive conditions ever imposed on a farm in the 26-year history of DNR’s permit program for large farms.

The permit imposes conditions over and above the requirements contained in permits issued to other large livestock operations, including:

* Extra limits on how much manure and commercial fertilizer can be spread on fields under different conditions;

* A greater distance between water wells and where manure can be spread. Rosendale must meet a 200-foot well setback, double the 100-foot setback laws require;

* Monthly groundwater monitoring;

* Greater scrutiny of their plan for managing how, when and where they apply manure and other nutrients; and

* Additional monitoring of pipelines carrying liquid manure.

Rosendale’s original permit was approved in 2009 with the understanding that the dairy would pursue a second phase of development that would double the number of animals on the property, and that the permit would need to be modified to accommodate the increase in size.

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