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Please flush after reading

By Paul Snyder

My esteemed colleague, Sean Ryan, tipped me off this morning that Wednesday is Thomas Crapper Day, a particularly notable day because it marks the 100th anniversary of flush toilet developer’s death.

Crapper Day already… my, how time flies.

Look, I won’t pretend to get any less of a giggle out of the concept or the man’s surname than I would have (and probably did) when I was in sixth grade, but thankfully there are people out there willing to find a proper way to celebrate the occasion.

Christmas Crapper Day came early for five Wisconsin home remodeling firms last week as the Milwaukee/NARI Wisconsin Remodelers Awards were given out during an awards banquet Friday.

The ceremony offered not only a chance to honor some mighty fine bathroom construction, but also a chance to reflect on the progress flush toilets have made in the last century.

Believe it or not, there are toilets out there which boast heated seats, self-closing seats, bidet features to eliminate the need for toilet tissue (becoming all the more popular in this green-conscious environment) and highly efficient flush features to increase water conservation.

I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering if or when advances will ever make it to outhouses, which have remained relatively unchanged throughout my entire life.

But on the eve of this holiday, I think it’s more than fair to pay respect to the guy who piloted the creation of the flush toilet.

Sure, it may seem trivial and the basis for a lot of jokes I’m not even going to bother making, but a well-designed bathroom is a thing to boast about in any new development, and the toilet is really at the center of it.

After all, what good is a kingdom without a throne?

Paul Snyder is a staff writer at The Daily Reporter. He’s already cooking up a blog for Otto Titzling.

Winning washrooms

The Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council Inc. recently awarded its 2009 Wisconsin Remodeler of the Year Gold Award winners.

Photos courtesy of Milwaukee/NARI Home Improvement Council Inc.

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