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From DWD HQ, not even a ‘no comment’

By Paul Snyder

As contractors struggle with the requirements for prevailing-wage reports, the state’s top officials overseeing the filing of those reports are not making time to speak to news outlets.

On Wednesday and Thursday, a reporter for The Daily Reporter submitted requests to interview Department of Workforce Development Secretary Roberta Gassman and DWD Prevailing-Wage Section Chief Julie Eckenwalder about contractors’ concerns.

Those requests were not fulfilled.

In addition to submitting those interview requests, the reporter on Thursday went to the DWD headquarters in Madison and sought interview time with either Gassman or Eckenwalder.

The reporter waited almost 20 minutes until DWD spokesman Dick Jones came to the lobby and said neither woman was available for an interview.

Eckenwalder, Jones said, was “working diligently with staff to assist employers with reporting issues.”

And Gassman’s schedule, Jones said, precluded her being available for an interview.

Jones instead offered a prepared statement on the state’s prevailing-wage law changes. The statement also said the department would not provide any media statements while litigation is pending.

Gassman earns $126,412 a year. Eckenwalder earns $59,766 a year.

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