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BidBlog debuts as window into project tracking

By Jan Basina

For all you Daily Reporter readers out there who don’t think you’d be interested in the JobTrac section –- well THINK AGAIN.

If you’re reading The Daily Reporter you’re interested in construction, which means you’d probably be interested in gaining some insights into this industry — and that’s what JobTrac is all about. It’s a window into the sometimes wacky world of construction bidding.

JobTrac reports on what’s out for bids, who bid what and who got to take home the prize. But even if you’re not actively pursuing these projects, I think it’s just fun to peruse these pages. It’s like sneaking a peek through a window that holds information that is not readily available anywhere else.

Public projects are mostly reported on in JobTrac, but also some private jobs, too. We’d like to report on more, so keep us in mind when you want to get the word out about your private jobs.

JobTrac focuses primarily on Wisconsin projects, but for those out there who might want to venture out-of-state, there are construction jobs we report on in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and cities in Illinois, Minnesota and Iowa that border our state.

There are four “job trackers” –- Ann, Keith, Jeff and myself — here at The Daily Reporter. We tackle the task of  keeping track of all those projects out for bid. I think we do a pretty good job of reporting, but I’ll let you guys and gals be the judge (your opinions are always welcome).

And now, we’ll be sharing our thoughts with you at BidBlog. Our thoughts may sometimes be serious, sometimes funny, sometimes quirky or ironic, but they will always strive to keep you thinking.

So come take a peek at JobTrac. I guarantee you’ll be back.

Jan Basina is a JobTrac data reporter and BidBlogger. Our lawyers inform us her guarantee is non-binding in the continental United States.

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