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Obama stresses expansion of clean energy

By BEN FELLER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) — Prodding Republicans, President Barack Obama on Tuesday championed nuclear energy expansion as the latest way that feuding parties can move beyond the "broken politics" of Washington that have imperiled his agenda and soured voters. His call came as he dispatched Vice President Joe Biden and Cabinet secretaries nationwide to ...


  1. Cap and trade legislation is devastating to the economy. Period, Amen!
    Write it a hundred times on the blackboard, meditate over it, say it over and over. Whatever it takes to remember that fact, do not lose focus here.
    Obama has NO intention of allowing ANY nuke plants to be built…ever! This is nothing more than “a few beads for Manhattan”. We’ll give you a glimmer of Nuclear hope, if you give us cap and trade….
    Bad trade…Obama speak with forked tongue.

  2. I agree with the first comment. NO CAP AND TRADE. Get the nuclear electricity generation plants approved and under construction. Get rid of the thought ot wind energy. It is costly, inefficient and full of health issues to the victims of the wind factory. Nuclear is safe, cost effective, extremely efficient and will drive electricity rates down and create jobs. I also agree with the first commentor that it will not happen. Obama closed Yukka Mountian so the chatter will be, \No place to put the waste\. Don’t attach nuclear to other usless bills. Let it pass on it’s own:)

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