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Senate to consider bill on legislative successors (7:59 a.m. 2/23/10)

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Wisconsin Senate is considering a bill that would allow legislative leaders to pick replacements if a terrorist attack kills several lawmakers.

The Senate has been trying for months to pass a bill that updates how the Legislature would function in the event of a devastating attack.

An original proposal debated last year would have allowed lawmakers themselves to keep a secret list of potential successors. The Senate tabled the proposal after critics denounced the secrecy.

The plan up for a vote Tuesday would come into play only if an enemy attack claims the lives of 9 or more senators, or 25 or more representatives. In that event, leaders of state political parties would submit a list of potential successors for each seat and legislative leaders would get to pick.


  1. Concerned Citizen

    These people think they are way too important!!!! If they are missing, just keep moving without them until an election can be held DUH!!!!!

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