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Next stop: A job that pays

By Tom Fetters

Barry Gore sure seems to be on the right track.

According to our Paul Snyder’s account, Gore, an out-of-work consultant, has:

— Developed plans for a high-speed rail stop at Yahara Station in Madison to link the high-speed line to regional commuter rail.

— Inspired formation of Campaign for Yahara Station, a Madison-area advocacy group, to promote the rail stop and connection.

— Pitched the plan to neighborhood associations to build support.

— Impressed some municipal officials with his plans and presentations.

But his Yahara Station plans aren’t the only reason he seems to be on the right track. He apparently is a job coach’s dream.

(Image courtesy of BGore Design)

(Image courtesy of BGore Design)

I’ve never met Gore, but in the past year I’ve walked a few steps in his shoes. After downsizing claimed my last job 11 months ago, my former employer connected me with a placement firm that advised me on how to prepare for landing my next job.

Included in that advice:

— Contact potential hiring managers and let them know about interest and availability.

— Volunteer services to showcase talents and learn new skills.

— Network with others in the industry and with potential clients.

I followed much of the advice and a few months later, I had the chance to join The Daily Reporter.

Seems to me that Gore’s Yahara Station efforts put him on the right track to a paying position before long.

Tom Fetters, a copy editor at The Daily Reporter, is a fan of Barry Gore. Al Gore? Not so much.

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