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Quantum bidding would involve a leap of faith

By Jeff Moore

The word “quantum” seems to be quite versatile.

Quantum fishing where apparently the fish can just appear in your boat without having to pass through any intervening space; something called quantum massage which would involve a masseuse having one hand all over your body at once, and so on in the non-physics world, but then again, why wouldn’t it be?

I wondered: What would quantum bid letting be like?  Your bids would simultaneously be submitted on time and late; your bid could apply to every project out for bids everywhere in the world at the same time and you’d both win and lose them all; your bid documents would be completely empty until the sealed envelope was opened.

In fact, since all of your bids numbers from the beginning or time until the end of time would be available to you where/whenever you are so it may be just a simple matter of adding yourself to a plan holders list and letting quantum superposition take care of everything else.

Of course, in a quantum bidding world, all bids would be rejected because the outcome of the bid letting would be changed by opening the bids.

Jeff Moore is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter.

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