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Doyle announces Gays Mills relocation money

Gov. Jim Doyle on Tuesday that Gays Mills will receive a $640,000 grant from Community Development Block Grant-Emergency Assistance Program to help the community relocate after storms and flooding in 2007 and 2008.

“I am very pleased that we could assist the village of Gays Mills in relocating,” Doyle said in a press release. “It is important that we assist Wisconsin communities during difficult times as they work to create a prosperous future for their citizens.”

The village is relocating approximately three miles north on Highway 131. The mercantile center in the new downtown area will be available for both small and large businesses to rent.

The relocation of the village allows for the construction of 10 townhouses and 34 single family homes. Local businesses that move to the new site are expected to retain 41 jobs, and new businesses that relocate are expected to create 18 jobs within the first year.

The total project cost is $2.2 million.

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