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Green building bill needs a red light

By: Chris Thompson//March 19, 2010//

Green building bill needs a red light

By: Chris Thompson//March 19, 2010//

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By Chris Thompson

There are few things more reckless than a politician in a hurry.

State Rep. Louis Molepske Jr. is one such politician. The Stevens Point Democrat is in a rush to slam his green building bill into state law before the legislative session ends in April.

The bill would require new public buildings or building additions of at least 10,000 gross square feet achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design silver certification. The bill would extend the requirement to state government, local government and public school district projects.

But the bill is drawing a mix of support, questions and opposition from the industry, local government officials and school district representatives. Some worry about building code changes, others fret over costs, and still others wonder why such building standards should be mandated.

Someone should ask why Molepske chose LEED silver certification. Why not the Green Globes system? Why wouldn’t Molepske take the time to work with state building officials, planners and architects to develop a thoughtful energy-efficiency system for construction that directly matches the environment, climate and industry in Wisconsin?

Molepske has said he’s willing to talk to people about their questions and concerns but unwilling, at least right now, to budge on the details of the bill.

That’s the kind of answer someone gives when they’re watching the clock rather than listening to those who have a stake in what should never be a rushed decision.

Chris Thompson is the editor of The Daily Reporter. He is often accused of being a clock-watcher.


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