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Milwaukee’s Sydney Hih building protections tabled

The more than yearlong deliberation over whether Milwaukee should give the Sydney Hih building historic protection will continue for at least another month.

The 1876 building at Juneau Avenue and Third Street was built as a surgery laboratory, converted into a bank, and later became a cluster of shops and restaurants associated with Milwaukee’s 1960s counterculture.

In 2003, developer Rob Ruvin acquired the building with plans to redevelop the site, but no redevelopment has occurred.

The city’s Historic Preservation Commission in September approved the historic protection for the easternmost and oldest part of the building. Milwaukee aldermen were to consider the historic designation this month, but a council committee delayed the decision on Friday because representatives of Sydney Hih Development LLC, Milwaukee, did not attend.

In September, representatives of Sydney Hih said the building would be renovated for new tenants.

Alderman Michael Murphy, a member of the city’s Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee, said he did not want to vote on the historic protection until he knows how it would affect development plans for the site.

— Sean Ryan


  1. It’s time to raze Sidney Hih IMHO. It was last used for ad space. Now there’s a big hole on the back side, and that’s a huge eyesore. The Moderine is being built across the street from Sidney Hih, and it would make ideal sense to tear down Sidney Hih to put a parking garage on this site.

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