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Ga Ga for Google

By Sean Ryan

Municipalities are falling all over themselves to get the golden ticket to become the place where Google builds a high-speed fiber optic network.

Milwaukee has sent out press releases saying that it’s “All-in” in the quest to win the contest. City leaders on Monday teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to unveil a billboard promoting the effort and city aldermen will consider a resolution expressing the Common Council’s formal invitation to Google to move here.

Duluth is teaming up with Superior to promote themselves as the place for the Google Twin Ports Network.

Duluth plans to spend $30,000 on public mailings, YouTube videos and other ways to show how much the community loves Google, according to Superior Mayor Dave Ross.

Google, in a shrewd advertising move, said communities will have a better chance of landing the network project if residents make a large public display of how much they love Google. So everyone’s trying to show that they’re Ga Ga for Google. That they’re Googley-eyed and overwhelmed with Google mania.

It’s getting silly.

This is apparently happening all over the country. I won’t discount the possibilities of a network that can load Hulu at 1 gigabit per second.

But instead of commending all of the various communities for falling all over themselves at the prospect, I will raise a glass to Google. For offering to build one fiber-optic network, the search giant has found a way to get local governments across the U.S. to join its marketing department.

Sean Ryan, a staff writer at The Daily Reporter, spent all weekend coming up with Google puns.

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