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Governor blames budget for Zoo Interchange’s pause

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Jim Doyle says he tried to speed up the time line for rebuilding a crumbling highway interchange in Milwaukee, but budget problems have prevented that.

Doyle said the decision to start construction on the Zoo Interchange in 2016, one of the state’s busiest corridors, was made before he became governor in 2003.

Republican critics have blamed the governor for diverting money from the interchange and slowing down the project. Their attacks have escalated since Friday, when state authorities closed a bridge that carries traffic through the interchange because of cracks.

Doyle said the funding he opposed had nothing to do with the condition of the road, but rather when preliminary engineering work for the project would start.


  1. Once again, our governor has a fuzzy memory. It was he who raided the transportation budget to fill his tax and spend agenda. Now, when we need the money, he says the decisions were made prior to him being in office.

    Does this guy have any conscience?

  2. Maybe if Doyle’s WIS-DOT Secretary was an engineer, and not an appointed spokesman, this wouldn’t of happened either.

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