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Governor dismisses concerns over energy bill’s costs

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Jim Doyle says concerns over the costs of a bill setting new renewable energy mandates in Wisconsin are “not true.”

Doyle said Tuesday that the bill up for a vote in the Assembly would actually lower costs for electric rate payers and create jobs. His comments came after he spoke at an event honoring the upcoming Earth Day.

Concerns over possible rate hikes have been floated by businesses opposed to the bill and Senate Majority Leader Russ Decker. The bill must pass both the Assembly and Senate before it would get to Doyle.

Doyle said the more energy that can be produced in Wisconsin would lower the amount being spent on petroleum, coal and natural gas purchased from outside the state.

He said this is a critical time and the bill must pass.


  1. Utilities need to cover their costs and make a reasonable profit for shareholders. Building more taxpayer susidized windmills will only add to the cost to ratepayers.
    Wis. already has a surplus of energy.

    As for the additional jobs: As long as the taxpayer is willing to foot the bill, the jobs will be there, as they were in the 1930s courtesy of the WPA.

    Don’t fall for his BS.

  2. Its supply and demand, right? It seems to be a rah-rah when the supply is low but ohh so painful when you have to lower prices to the consumer. We need alternate energy and if lower costs come with it, all the better. Utilities…clean up your act!

    Everything translates into the scare tactic of “it will drive my cost up”. They are my costs, if its for our State and our future, I don’t have a problem with it.

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