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Minnesota Vikings plan stadium improvements

By Brian Johnson
Dolan Media Newswires

Minneapolis (AP) — The Minnesota Vikings have made it clear they want out of the Metrodome, but that’s not stopping the team from putting some new spit and polish on the stadium.

The team’s landlord, the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission, is planning roughly $1.5 million worth of tenant improvements to the building at the Vikings’ request, even as the team continues its quest for a new stadium.

“These are short-term improvements that are designed to give us a little relief,” said Jeff Anderson, the team’s assistant director of public affairs.

Most notably, the commission has put out a request for construction bids on a project that will convert the upper portion of the abandoned Minnesota Twins offices within the domed stadium into a “hospitality space” for the Vikings.

That’s not the only project the team has in mind for the 28-year-old venue, which counts the Vikings as its only tenant, now that the Twins and the University of Minnesota football team have moved.

In addition to the hospitality space, the MSFC plans to replace the 6-year-old playing field surface, install safety barriers on some on-field seats and add a few more coats of purple paint to the stadium.

The Metrodome makeovers pale in comparison to the project the team really covets: a new $800 million stadium. But the Vikings’ efforts to get public money for two-thirds of the cost of a new stadium have fallen flat at the Capitol this spring.

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  1. Minnesota Vikings plan stadium improvements:

    1.) Get rid of that god-awful horn that blows every 5 seconds.

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