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This just in to the newsroom: Oil has nothing to do with gas

By Joe Yovino

Unless you’ve been living under an oil-soaked rock, you’ve probably seen the images of the damage done to waterfowl and sea creatures from BP’s oil gush in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, according to a story from Milwaukee’s Journal Sentinel, BP’s problems are hitting Wisconsin franchises right in the wallet. BP station owners in the state are saying they’ve been hurt financially by customers’ anger over the spill and the company’s subsequent attempts to fix it.

John Kruepke, according to the JS story, owns BP stations in Jackson, Hartford and Richfield. He said any boycott hurts the small business person who has no control over the spill.

And he’s exactly right.

The public has every right to be angered over the spill (in case you want to see the area the spill would cover in Wisconsin, go here), but to boycott BP stations is misguided and will have little impact on BP’s bottom line.

BP’s individual gas station sales accounted for less than 10 percent of the company’s gross revenue in 2009, according to its annual statement to shareholders.

BP has nearly 700 gas stations in Wisconsin. Not filling up at any of those stations will just lead to more out of work locals, add another empty corner to your neighborhood and hurt another small businessman.

Joe Yovino is the Web editor at The Daily Reporter. He once got an e-mail blast telling him to boycott Citgo because it supported terrorists and Hugo Chavez. What?

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