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Letter to the editor: Plasma gasification process offers a good alternative

To the editor:

While opposition to our efforts to build a waste-to-energy project in Milwaukee remains minimal, over the coming months, Alliance Federated Energy will continue to reach out to the community and environmental leaders to educate them on the promise that plasma gasification technology holds.

Our Project Apollo in Milwaukee will create more than 250 jobs in the community during construction and an additional 45 full-time jobs once the plant is up and running, and will use a proven technology that’s been around for decades with plants operating around the world.

Under the visionary leadership of state officials such as Sens. Jeff Plale and Jim Sullivan and Reps. Jim Soletski and Ted Zigmunt, as well as the executive leadership of Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle, the stage is set for Wisconsin to be an industry leader.

Plasma gasification is an environmentally sustainable waste disposal technology that uses extremely high temperatures to convert solid matter into its basic elemental form to produce a synthesis gas that can then be used to produce steam, electricity or even biofuels.

The conversion process is a closed system, so there are no emissions into the atmosphere from the gasification process itself. The syngas produced is cleaned prior to its use as a fuel, and the residual slag is inert and nonleaching.

The technology we’re employing is also the cleanest proven alternative to landfilling municipal solid waste.

Decomposition within public landfills continues to produce extremely high levels of greenhouse gases, which have a higher global warming potential than those emitted from coal-fired power plants. Toxic and hazardous materials from landfills can also leach into and contaminate groundwater and public water supplies.

It’s important to point out that plasma gasification is not incineration. Unlike incineration, plasma gasification creates an energy-rich syngas that comprises primarily hydrogen and carbon monoxide, capable of being used in a number of applications. The process also recovers more energy, eliminates the presence of ash and other hazardous byproducts and creates more energy per ton than landfill gas capture or mass-burn incineration.

For more information on our project and technology please check out our website at

Christopher Maloney
Alliance Federated Energy

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