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Construction business booming in Delafield

By Keith Barber

Good things come in waves of three, and now another project in Delafield has surfaced.

Fine Arts Center at St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy, Delafield

I’m not specifically targeting Delafield, but recently I’ve had two blogs about projects there, starting with the American Legion Post 196 and their famous coon feed event, and the roofing project for The Hawks Inn.

But I couldn’t ignore the St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy fine arts center proposal that just crossed my desk.

The latest project is in the works. Fund-raising is to kickoff later this year. The school is privately funded, so when enough funds are raised, construction will begin.

According to Jay Smith, vice president for Strategic Planning and Advancement with St. John’s, the new building will be a 44,000-square-foot structure with two levels. Both levels will be “at grade” with one built into a hill near Exeter Street near the U.S. Post Office.

The project includes a 450-seat auditorium along with classroom space for music and arts programs. The building will be used primarily by the school, however community events will also be allowed.

St. John’s has selected two Madison companies for construction: Strang Inc. as the architect and J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. as the general contractor. The companies were selected by an independent building committee from a list of about a half-dozen potential firms.

The city of Delafield Plan Commission has granted tentative plan approval.

Keith Barber is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at (414) 225-1821.

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