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GOP governor candidates still say they’ll halt high-speed rail

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Republican candidates for governor Scott Walker and Mark Neumann are finding a lot to agree on in the first of three debates before the Sept. 14 primary.

Walker and Neumann both said at the debate Friday broadcast from the Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis that they believe state spending can be cut while funding for transportation can be protected.

They also both agreed that if elected they will be able to stop construction of a high-speed train between Madison and Milwaukee that’s being paid for with federal stimulus money.


Neumann and Walker also agree that taxes are too high and can be cut.

Both candidates are scheduled to debate twice more this month before the primary election. Democrat Tom Barrett is not participating in any of the debate.

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  1. Mark Neumann and Scott Walker? Even if either of these two posturing, grandstanding wannabes would manage to make it into the governorship and even if either did manage to overrule the state lawmakers who approved the federal grants last spring, they’d have to explain why Wisconsin taxpayers now had to repay $80 million out of general revenues back to the federal government even as they’d be gloating over winning their childish politics-by-revenge victory over Jim Doyle. And then some other state would get what was our $810 million grant for THEIR rail project, and Wisconsin would still get to pay for it.

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