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‘Shcool’ road sign poses question: Is our children learning?

By Jeff Moore

A road outside of a Guilford County school in North Carolina had recently been re-paved, and after road crews had marked the school zones, the following Sniglet was discovered:

A spokesman for Traffic Markings, the contractor that painted the faulty sign, said the sign would be fixed.

The error was not the first misspelling in the area: Last month, a resident posted a photo on Facebook showing that the town’s name had been misspelled as “Guiliford” on a detour sign printed by the state’s Department of Transportation.

Spelling proved a nearly impossible task last year for Wisconsin sign-makers, who managed to erect a sign outside of La Crosse with every word misspelled except for “exit.”

And since that’s all I have, here are some more misspelled road signs that boggle the mind:

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Jeff Moore is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. His sign is Leo.

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