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Panel recommends compensating wind farm neighbors

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — State utility regulators will consider a recommendation that homeowners who live near wind farms be compensated for concerns about noise and reduced property value.

A task force working to create state standards for wind turbine locations is forwarding its recommendations to the Public Service Commission, which is expected to consider them by the end of the month.

The rules would regulate small wind farms that need permits from local governments. The standards would replace a hodgepodge of local regulations. Utility-sized wind farms need approval from the PSC.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Wisconsin needs six more large wind farms to achieve the state’s renewable energy mandate that 10 percent of Wisconsin’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2015.


Should homeowners living near wind farms be compensated for noise issues and reduced property values? Tell us what you think in our CONSTRUCTION FORUM.

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One comment

  1. So if a person vandalizes my home and causes thousands of dollars worth of damage making my home inhabitable and is caught, prosecuted, and sent to jail – that’s “justice”.

    But if the state hath need of my home to meet its mandate, acknowledges and knows the loss (see May 6, 2010: Wind farm property sells at sheriffs sale. Wirtzes home appraised at 320,00 and sold at 106,740), it is allowed to set the rules, disregard and disrespect (“hodgepodge”) the local people’s decisions by being the judge, and is allowed to get away with stealing the health and home of US citizens (forcing them to accept peanuts) under the false pretenses of “common good” – and that’s justice?

    Unbelievable!! Unconstitutional!! What is this country coming to??

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