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Walker says he would give back $810 million for high-speed rail

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Republican candidate for governor Scott Walker says he’s so opposed to high-speed rail that if he’s elected, he’ll give back every cent in federal funding earmarked for the project.

The $810 million for the rail line between Madison and Milwaukee comes from federal stimulus money.

Walker on Monday said even so, the state will be on the hook for $10 million each year in maintenance and other costs.

The Milwaukee County Executive has previously suggested using the money to fix aging infrastructure, but it can only be used for the rail project.

So Walker said he’d give it all back.

Walker and former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann are the leading GOP candidates for governor. Neumann also opposes high-speed rail. On the Democratic side of the race, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett supports the project.

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  1. Well, that’s easily explained; Scott Walker would *himself* already *be* working, unlike all the people who now wouldn’t be working on the project he says he’d kill.

    It’s assumed, I suppose, that Scott Walker is not offering to refund that estimated $50,000 in campaign cash he flew down to Orlando to personally collect, hat in hand, from his silent wellwishers, the roadbuilders consortium. Or that personal $50,000 annual raise he granted himself without need for County Board approval.

    I think we can see where this politics-of-revenge thing is going with Scott Walker.

  2. Speaking of cash how about Talgo funding the Advocate Midwest High Speed Rail Association, oh wait excuse me they are the Midwest High Speed rail association.

    We all know the Spanish Talgo didnt they just get a sweetheart no bid contract handed to them from Doyle and Barrett for 40 plus million, All smells bad already and we didnt even lay any track.

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