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Careful, this is a lumbering blog

By Jeff Moore

Of all the existing types of lumber, lumber that comes from existing trees is one of the most popular things in which to build with in the history of the world.

• Treated Lumber, Waukesha, Waukesha County

• Founders Landing Boardwalk and Sea Wall Construction Project, Marquette, Marquette County, Mich.

• Bridge Replacement at Kohler Andrae State Park, Sheboygan County

And it’s also extremely popular in the bidding world.

Tree lumber was invented hundreds of years ago. You can build a heated deck addition onto an existing two story house with the right tree lumber, plank your existing kitchen floor or alter many other things that exist.

Tree lumber comes from existing trees, but not all trees (existing or otherwise) produce tree lumber. Some existing trees that produce tree lumber for building projects are California Redwood, old growth Plywood and Black Cherry. Some existing trees that do not produce tree lumber are bonsai and petrified trees.

Existing tree lumber is generally long and flat and dry and mostly barkless.

Lumber technology used to consist solely of cutting into a tree with a manual saw, but since the Industrial Revolution, electrical sawing mechanisms have been developed that cut trees into tree lumber in a more consistent fashion.

There used to be a lumber mine in the old lumber town of Lumberton, Wis. Founded by a fellow known only as Demetrius Xam, historical tree lumber records do not indicate if it was a tree lumber mine or not.

Archaeological investigations of the lumber mine have been inconclusive as to whether tree lumber was mined from it. It is one of the great existing mysteries of Wisconsin archaeology and tree lumber history.

The following existing JobTrac bid requires the use of existing tree lumber:

• Waukesha has a bid out for treated lumber, due Aug. 31. However, the scope does not indicate if existing tree lumber is requested or not.

• Marquette, Mich. needs a supply of existing tree lumber for its Boardwalk, Path and Sea Wall Construction project due on Sept. 2.

• Sheboygan County intends to use an amount of existing tree lumber for a Bridge Replacement at State Park project due on Sept. 8.

Jeff Moore is a data reporter at The Daily Reporter. He can be reached at (414) 225-1819.


  1. What is this article supposed to be about. And what is this “…trees that produce tree lumber for building projects are California Redwood, old growth Plywood and Black Cherry.” There is no such thing as a Plywood tree. I tell ya…media these days. Sheesh

  2. The reason there are no plywood trees anymore is because George W. put them on the Endangered Species list back in 2002 causing bootleg loggers to log them to near extinction. The last existing plywood tree was struck by lightning, twice, on Aug. 20. in a small field near Jessup, Iowa.

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