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Another week, another emergency repair

By Joe Yovino

The talk in the newsroom this morning centered on emergency repairs that seem to be cropping up across Milwaukee County in recent months.

There’s the O’Donnell Park parking structure, the Zoo Interchange, the Transit Center, the airport, the Hoan Bridge, the MacArthur Square parking garage, structures at the zoo, the county courthouse and, on Thursday night, a southbound ramp to Interstate 43 from Wisconsin Avenue.

So, being naturally inquisitive journalists (at least that’s what it says on our resumes), writers and editors in the newsroom were trying to come up with answers as to why there’s a rash of stuff either falling or closing down in Milwaukee.

Is it a good review and inspection policy by WisDOT? Is it shoddy workmanship? Is it bad karma created from the whole Brett Favre thing (retire already)? Is it movement in the ground underneath the city (remember the earthquake that registered in Milwaukee a few days before the O’Donnell panel collapse)? Is it just a fact of Milwaukee’s aging infrastructure? Or is it that the entire low-bidding process is contributing to substandard materials and labor?

Have we become so caught up in saving money these days that low bidding is leading to problems down the road?

As my dad always said, “You get what you pay for.”

Joe Yovino is the Web editor at The Daily Reporter. One other thing his dad taught him: “Always stand on 17.”

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  1. Perhaps Joe none of these issues are related at all ? You know what happens when people assume?
    Why not wait until the structural guys finish there inspections and report ? some of us prefer to deal with logic and facts. I guess reporting the actual truth wont help you sell many newspapers.

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