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Former Gov. Thompson criticizes high-speed rail plan

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Former Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson says Wisconsin should rebuild its roads rather than construct a high-speed train from Madison to Milwaukee.

Thompson said the state can’t afford a high-speed rail line and should use the $810 million in federal dollars earmarked for the project to repair state roadways.

The money can’t be reallocated, but Thompson said that could change if Republicans take control of Congress in November.


Republican gubernatorial hopefuls Scott Walker and Mark Neumann oppose the train. Democratic gubernatorial front-runner Tom Barrett supports it.

Outgoing Democratic Gov. Jim Doyle’s administration applied for the federal money. The governor’s spokesman had no immediate comment.

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  1. Tommy Thompson will say and do anything to help his insider pals, which says volumes about both his and their honesty. Truth is, it was Tommy Thompson who originally proposed the whole High Speed Rail project, and his pals Republican governors Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mitch Daniels of Indiana were among eight Midwest Governors encouraging High Speed Rail funds to Milwaukee-Madison.

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