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WisDOT recovers unpaid property taxes from Milwaukee train station

By Joe Lanane

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation was reimbursed last week for money spent on unpaid Milwaukee Intermodal Station property taxes.

WisDOT recouped all $341,461 paid Aug. 9 to the city of Milwaukee to cover 2008 and 2009 property taxes not paid by the station’s developer, Milwaukee Intermodal Partners LLC. The city had threatened to foreclose the property if the debt went unpaid.

Robert Jambois, WisDOT general counsel, said he worked with the developers and Johnson Bank, which financed the construction of the station, to recover the money without any legal action. As a result, he said no long-term animosity exists.

“We started out with this common enterprise hoping it would work out really well, and it has,” Jambois said. “There’s been this one little bump in the road, and we paid that to ensure our other partner, the city, would not be affected. They’ve been reimbursed and now so have we.”

WisDOT is still slated to begin construction on a new $18 million train shed next month to bring the station into federal compliance with the American with Disabilities Act, as well as homeland security and fire code regulations.

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