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Transportation segregation referendum approved in Racine County

Racine County voters overwhelmingly approved an advisory referendum Tuesday that supports segregating the state’s transportation budget.

The measure seeks to prohibit the transfer of transportation money to the state’s general budget. Since 2003, more than $1.3 billion has been removed from the transportation fund for other state functions, $450 million of which was never repaid.

Nearly three-quarters of participating Racine County voters supported the initiative, which will also appear on at least 51 additional county ballots on the general election Nov. 2.

Craig Thompson, executive director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin, said he expects similar results across the board.

“From everything I’ve seen and heard from people around the state, I think it will be equally as successful,” Thompson said. “We did not gin up the issue and promote it; we simply placed an issue on a ballot and allowed people to vote on it.”

Rock County is the most recent area to include the advisory referendum on its fall ballot, and Thompson said Oneida and Langlade county governments are slated to potentially approve the measure next week before the Sept. 21 deadline.

— Joe Lanane

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